Biblical Misconceptions

I have a firm testimony in the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.  I know that He is my personal Savior and through having  faith in Him, repenting of my sins, and following His gospel I have been able to be forgiven of my sins and find continual strength through His grace.

The Bible is a treasure of knowledge about the Kingdom of God.  I fear that this Holy text is taken for granted in this faithless world, even among Christian people.  I am devising to create a series of posts about the Bible to increase faith in Jesus Christ, encourage a careful personal study of the bible, clarify common misconceptions, and highlight gross overlooks of things we must know about the bible.

Below is my first introductory article about the Bible and an brief examination of how the word of God has been captured in the text of the Bible.   I encourage a prayerful examination of the points made therein; I can promise that if you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, God will enlighten your understanding of the Bible itself and the teachings it contains.  Please share with me what you have learned and let me know if you have any questions; I will be more then happy to answer these, whether they are derived directly from the article or any other questions you may have.


The Holy Bible – The Word of God.

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