Same Sex Marriage?

15 10 2008

I usually do not get very involved in politics.  This is something that I know I need to work on, especially in the political climate that we are in where government officials are legislating what is moral and what is not.  

I currently attend BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, ID and you may be surprised that the political issue I feel most passionate about at this time does not even concern the state of Idaho; it is proposition 8 in California.  Prop. 8 concerns the issue of same sex marriage.  In the past the majority of the citizens of California have voted to reject the redefinition of marriage to incorporate members of the same sex that wish to be married.  Without getting into the details after this majority decision, four judges in the state of California overturned this decision to include same sex marriages in the definition of a family; currently same sex marriages are permitted in the state.

Prop. 8 is an opportunity of the citizens in California to again reject same sex marriages by voting yes in a little over two weeks.  Why care if gays wish to be married you might ask?  I care because of the national impact that will surely, but slowly come if California redefines marriage in this way.  

  • School curriculum will be changed to include this alternate life style so that school children know that this is a legal option to pursue.
  • Religious intolerance will grow to deny churches their religious freedoms to reject this alternate life style
  • Churches will surly encounter legal trouble if they teach against this life style
  • Ministers will be accused of discrimination if they refuse to marry same sex couples.        

These changes will not happen overnight, but they will inevitably follow as people continue to “push the envelope” of what is “morally” acceptable.

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