The Holy Bible – The Word of God.

9 10 2008

The Holy Bible – The Word of God.
What exactly is the Bible? The common and accurate answer to this is that the Bible is the word of God, but let’s investigate a little deeper into this question. How did we get the Bible today? Who wrote God’s words down and compiled them into a book? I believe many bible believing Christians take the bible for granted; what I mean by this, is they do not appreciate its purpose and understand its origin. The purpose of this article is to assess how God’s words have been captured in ink on the pages of a book that we now call The Holy Bible.
The Holy Bible is the word of God as revealed to His holy prophets, through it we learn of our Savior Jesus Christ and of His gospel, the path we must follow to obtain eternal life. Prophets are vital to our spiritual well being; if God did not call prophets, man would not know of their Savior Jesus Christ, of His gospel, nor would we have the Bible itself.
Prophets are men called of God to deliver a message to the people on the Earth; in this sense, prophets are essentially God’s mouth piece. When God has a message to deliver to his children here on the earth, He will not appear to each one of us, nor will he send angelic messengers to every single person; rather, He sends these special experiences to a chosen man, a prophet, and commands that man to declare those messages to the people. Amongst the messages delivered to the prophets are the gospel of Jesus Christ, the plan of Salvation, the commandments (as when Moses received the 10 commandments), invitations to repent and obey the Lord (as exemplified by Noah), amongst many other revelations. Prophets are our communication link with God. We are all privileged to be able to talk to God through prayer and to receive personal revelation, but more often than not, God will answer our prayers through the teachings of His chosen prophet, whether recorded in the scriptures or through the words of a modern prophet.
“The Bible is the work of many prophets and inspired writers acting under the same Holy Spirit” (Bible Dictionary). The Lord has called numerous prophets through out the generations of man; Beginning with Adam, down through Noah, Moses, Isaiah, and even the Lord’s Apostles, which Christ called during His earthly ministry (to only name the more recognizable biblical prophets). When The Lord calls a prophet, it is not only the duty of the prophet to teach the people in his day about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but to record those teachings and other holy revelations down in writing to preserve them for future generations. Therefore, the Bible is an accumulation of inspired writings of countless prophets; to better understand this, let’s look at what the word ‘bible means’.
The word “bible” is of Greek origin and in its original form was “ta biblia”. Directly translated “ta biblia” is interpreted as “the books,” which carries the meaning that anything entitled with the term bible or ta biblia is a collection of multiple books. With this understanding of what the word bible means, we can better understand what the holy text entitled The Holy Bible is; and that is a divine library of inspired writings. And indeed it is, the Bible is comprised of two major divisions, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each division contains several books written be several prophet authors; the Old Testament contains 39 books and the New Testament contains 27, for a total of 66 books in the divine library of The Holy Bible.
The Bible is the word of God; it teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and through a thorough study of it, we can come to know our Savior Jesus Christ better. Most people recognize that the bible is the word of God, but wrongfully establish it as the foundation of their faith. I have participated biblical centered discussions where people have openly confessed that the Bible is the foundation of their faith, this is concerning because the text of the Bible itself teaches what our faith should be founded on the Savior Jesus Christ. N. T. Wright, an esteemed New Testament scholar wrote, “The risen Jesus, at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, does not say, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth is given to the books you are all going to write,’ but [rather] ‘All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me’ (Mat. 28:18).“ He continues by teaching that, “Scripture itself points . . . away from itself and to the fact that final and true authority belongs to God himself.”
Our faith is to be founded on the Lord Jesus Christ, not the Bible. The bible is simply a means for us to learn of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches the way that God works amongst his children to teach them, and that is by calling prophets. In Ephesians 2:20 we learn that our faith and God’s church should be “built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.” Just as a building would crumble if the foundation was corrupted, so would the church of God if it were removed from its proper foundation.
I will close this discussion with the testimony that I have received through the Spirit of God. God is our Heavenly Father and loves each one of His Children; so much that He has sent is Only Begotten Son in the flesh, Jesus Christ, to come to this earth to Atone for our sins, so that we might have the choice to look to Christ to be forgiven of our sins and strengthened in our weaknesses so that we can return to the God who gave us life.
I know that God calls prophets on this earth to teach us the way to eternal life; He has followed this pattern in the past and He does not change! I know that God has called prophets in these last days beginning with the prophet Joseph Smith, called in the early 1800’s, and He has continued this pattern to the present time. The Bible is the word of God, we are to follow its teaching and learn how to find God’s kingdom on this earth so that we may qualify for eternal life. Of these truths I testify in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Colby S. Johnson




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