Faith… Do you have it in you?

27 10 2008

Simply put Faith is a belief accompanied by action.  In terms of the Gospel, it is not faith to only say that you believe in Christ, but ye must be doers of the word as well.

Recently I have been impressed with a tremendous act of faith that my little sister, Kelsey, is making.  She has always been more naturally faithful than I have.  In my youth, I often choose to learn things the hard way; despite my belief in Jesus Christ, I struggled to accompany that belief with actions, thus failing to have faith.  I later developed a true faith in our Savior through making changes in my life and repenting of my sins.  My sister on the other hand, has always accompanied her belief in Christ with an appropriate life style.

Recently she has been preparing herself to serve a voluntary mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church.  This process involves several personal interviews with church officials who stand as witnesses of her character and personal worthiness as well as numerous health examinations to determine if she is healthy.  Following these, she fills out an application and submits it to the leaders of the church, the Prophet and Twelve Apostles.  No where on this paper work is she able to indicate a preference of where she will serve as a missionary for a year and a half of her life.  After the application is submitted, she anxiously waits to learn when and where she will live to complete her missionary service.

On Friday, October 24, 2008 my sister received a large white envelop in the mail which contained all of the details of her coming life as a missionary.  Try to relate to this situation as you watch her open her call to serve.

Kelsey is literally turning her life over to Christ.  For 18 months she will do nothing, but serve.  As a missionary the first few hours of every morning will be spent studying the scriptures, following which she will be on her feet teaching people about Jesus Christ and serving. 

Not only will Kelsey be going to a foreign land with an unfamiliar culture, but she will also be learning and speaking in a language she has had no exposure to.  She will study the language for two months before she flies out to the Philippians and is thrown in the deep end.  She will have to depend on the Grace of Jesus Christ to be able to acquire a language so rapidly.

I served a mission a few years ago in the greater Chicago area.  It was the greatest experience of my life.  My Faith in my Savior grew exponentially.  I am so excited for my sister and proud of her.

Could you do this? Is your belief in Jesus Christ strong enough to dedicate a year and a half of your life to nothing else except for building the Kingdom of God? Please comment.

Same Sex Marriage?

15 10 2008

I usually do not get very involved in politics.  This is something that I know I need to work on, especially in the political climate that we are in where government officials are legislating what is moral and what is not.  

I currently attend BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, ID and you may be surprised that the political issue I feel most passionate about at this time does not even concern the state of Idaho; it is proposition 8 in California.  Prop. 8 concerns the issue of same sex marriage.  In the past the majority of the citizens of California have voted to reject the redefinition of marriage to incorporate members of the same sex that wish to be married.  Without getting into the details after this majority decision, four judges in the state of California overturned this decision to include same sex marriages in the definition of a family; currently same sex marriages are permitted in the state.

Prop. 8 is an opportunity of the citizens in California to again reject same sex marriages by voting yes in a little over two weeks.  Why care if gays wish to be married you might ask?  I care because of the national impact that will surely, but slowly come if California redefines marriage in this way.  

  • School curriculum will be changed to include this alternate life style so that school children know that this is a legal option to pursue.
  • Religious intolerance will grow to deny churches their religious freedoms to reject this alternate life style
  • Churches will surly encounter legal trouble if they teach against this life style
  • Ministers will be accused of discrimination if they refuse to marry same sex couples.        

These changes will not happen overnight, but they will inevitably follow as people continue to “push the envelope” of what is “morally” acceptable.

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The Holy Bible – The Word of God.

9 10 2008

The Holy Bible – The Word of God.
What exactly is the Bible? The common and accurate answer to this is that the Bible is the word of God, but let’s investigate a little deeper into this question. How did we get the Bible today? Who wrote God’s words down and compiled them into a book? I believe many bible believing Christians take the bible for granted; what I mean by this, is they do not appreciate its purpose and understand its origin. The purpose of this article is to assess how God’s words have been captured in ink on the pages of a book that we now call The Holy Bible.
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